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Workflow and Workforce Solutions
for the Manufacturing Industry

As businesses are rapidly expanding and transforming to adapt to the digital age, manufacturing is witnessing a revolutionary shift. Gone are the days of traditional manufacturing, where processes were time-consuming and labor-intensive. Today, digital technology has enabled the manufacturing sector to streamline its processes through automation.

Hence, manufacturing workflow management and organization can boost productivity in this sector. Workflows help in defining processes that are conducted systematically to achieve business objectives.

Traditionally, most workflows have been rigidly carried out through manual intervention. But this leads to manual inaccuracies and issues in data collection and analysis over a longer period of time.

Most businesses have started to integrate their businesses with automated workflows through manufacturing workflow software solutions. This is being done to ensure better product life cycles; reduce manual operation errors; improve budgeting, expenses, and turnaround time; and ensure a faster approval process.

Effort is a workflow and workforce management platform

9 Manufacturing Workflows To Make Operations More Productive

Increasing shop floor productivity is every manufacturing business’s goal. Irrespective of the size of the business, productivity in the manufacturing segment enables stronger profits and allows a business to establish itself strongly against competitors. To make operations more streamlined and productive, businesses need to introduce properly integrated cloud solutions into the traditional ways of working.

Manufacturing workflow software solutions
help in the following ways, broadly

Training staff

Streamlining employee tasks

Making system adjustments

Maintaining equipment logs and inventory

Efficiently managing internal processes

Why do manufacturing companies need this? Simply put, they want to reduce their operational costs while increasing their growth numbers. Let us now take a look at 9 ways of manufacturing workflow management that can help conduct smoother and more productive business operations.

Raising service requests

In manufacturing, businesses need to cater to customer demands and ensure optimised customer experiences. To give them a seamless service experience, raising service requests must be made easy.

Through platforms like Effort, a service request in manufacturing can be raised without any hassles. Customer care executives merely need to log tickets into the system. The links can then be sent to customers to view the status of their requests in real-time. Automating this process allows businesses to project a more professional front and customers to easily track grievances.

Dealer updates

One of the biggest challenges in the manufacturing sector is monitoring the product’s life cycle. Dealers often request manufacturers for information about product stock in the warehouse, inventory, and transit. Effort’s automation tools help provide dealer updates for manufacturing wherein dealers can request stock-related information, transit information, goods receipt notes, etc. This enables them to monitor stock throughout its life cycle.

Field service ticketing in manufacturing

Field service ticketing in manufacturing helps manage installation, maintenance, repairs, equipment management, systems, assets, and labor. In the event of any queries or grievances regarding various processes, vendors and clients need to be able to log issues by raising tickets.

Effort’s workflow management system enables field service ticketing where executives can log tickets within the system pertaining to these issues. These tickets are then addressed systematically, ensuring that operations are not hampered.

Installation & customer acceptance process in manufacturing

Effort’s workforce management system has automated the installation process in manufacturing. Through it, businesses can create installation tickets.

These define product installation capabilities regarding their quantity and requirements. Adequate information that can be cross-checked with the sales order, enables businesses to reduce the time and costs associated with installation.

Customer registration and communication

As one of the best business process management tools in the industry, Effort helps businesses manage customer data, collect information, and onboard and register new customers with ease. Automated workflows help in serving customers without delaying responses and bridging communication gaps.

Easing documentation

Tired of data complexity? Most manufacturing businesses rely on complex documentation to generate leads, source information, and gather data for analysis. Effort’s tools help businesses to ease data collection through simplified forms.

Product demonstration

Whether it’s a sales demo or technical observation, Effort allows businesses to action specific conditions and set rules and processes from start to finish. This enables better collaboration among employees and helps the workforce meet customer expectations in an improved manner.

Budgeting, expenses, claims, and reimbursement

Financing is a huge aspect of manufacturing. From planning and deriving budgets, Effort’s business process management tools help businesses to record expenses, monitor claims through simplified forms and track reimbursement requests. Thus, it allows for the payment process to be conducted smoothly.

Customer feedback

Gauging customer feedback helps manufacturing businesses to improve their functions immensely. Effort provides simple customer feedback forms where businesses can gather information from customers and utilize the feedback to improve internal functions.

How does Effort accelerate growth in manufacturing companies?

With a worldwide shift from traditional to digital modes of working, manufacturing companies also need to move from manual reliance to digital integration.

This involves changing the way they operate both internally and externally. Internally, processes need to be organized so that employees are productive, resources are utilized judiciously, and functions are performed smoothly. Externally, the way companies cater to customers and clients has to be streamlined.

To increase freedom in mobility and improve relations with employees and customers alike, manufacturing industries are jumping on the bandwagon of adopting workforce and workflow management systems. Effort’s BPM tool gives companies the right guidance to ensure compliance and align their workforce with automation workflows. In this way, internal management and external relations are executed effortlessly.

To sum up, Effort’s workflow management system helps in

Decreasing product life cycle periods

Optimizing budgets and expenses 

Bringing uniformity in quality control 

Regulating products 

Shortening the supply chain 

Improving approval process

Ensuring safety reporting 

Easing complex documentation 

Easing collection of KYC and other information

Get Effort’s workforce management app for the manufacturing industry today to handle challenges in your manufacturing life cycle and meet customer demands more efficiently. Overcome business function gaps, deliver goods faster, and optimize costs through this app to manage your business better. Watch your growth and numbers skyrocket with Effort.